Want to make a real fanatic Matrix-Mechandise Collector happy?

Hi all, I am always looking for Matrix-Merchandise products. As we Germans are in general not as interested in nerdy stuff like our American friends, I am unfortunately forced to buy these products on American or British websites. Just recently, I ordered many different products from overseas again.

But as many retailers on amazon or ebay are not willing to ship products to Germany, it is difficult for me to find and get these products. So this is the reason, why I am writing this short article: If you want to sell your merchandise articles, which are in a good condition, just get in touch with me by writing an e-Mail. I am really interested in Matrix Merchandise article of all kind.

    Zum Versand deiner Kontaktanfrage via Mail musst du dich mit der Erhebung und Verwendung deiner personenbezogenen Dateien (siehe Impressum) durch Klick auf das Kästchen einverstanden erklären. Das Formular wird nur versandt, wenn du diese Bedingung akzeptierst.

    Please keep in mind that I am a collector, not a millionaire. 😉 So the prices should be fair. Hope to hear from you.


    PS: I am also a big Fan of Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, Futurama, Wonder Woman, Alien, V for Vendetta, A.I. and King Kong. Feel free to inform me also about that stuff.

    PPS: Please share this post to spread Matrix-love in the world! 😉


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